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welcome to web home of "echoes".


"echoes" is a mailing list dedicated to the pursuit of all things floydian.
note that it is a mailing list, not a newsgroup.
being a mailing list, there are various things you'll want to know, such as:
                 subscription and format information
                 posting guidelines
   and (wait for it!)
                 how to get off

"echoes" is a discussion list, based essentially upon the exchange of text.
this statment will doubtless bring other questions to the fore:
"what about graphics? sound samples? lyrics?" i hear you asking.
you'll note that there are loopholes in that, so looking might (from time
   to time) mean finding odd little things, but mostly it will be "ascii-graphics"
    like this...  /e\ 

thanks to all those who have made this possible by providing software, advice,
   good wishes, etc.

set the controls for...

 a pink floyd page maintained by emi records.

 a roger page maintained by sony.
 another [sony] roger page (points to the same spot at last update.)

   a site with [sony] pix of roger.

   the entry page.

   the roio database homepage.

   vernon fitch's "pink floyd archives." -- very necessary.

   "a fleeting glimpse"  -- colin's top notch source  for all kinds of goodies.

   "taken by storm" -- storm thorgerson's exhibition now in the u.s.a.

     (t.b.s. original link for tour as opened in london at the john martin gallery
     22sep04-09oct04, online purchases still possible.)

   "roger waters online" (or, "si and phil somehow keep on top of it all

   pinkfloyddirect -- an authorised merchandising site with various goodies.

   rockoptic -- a commercial site with some of storm thorgerson's original art
   as limited edition fine art prints.
   (see their animated graphic.)

   a site with info and artwork of p.f. cds from various countries.

   and of course, the homepage for harvested records.

...the heart of the sun

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