"what about graphics? sound samples? lyrics?"

as i said, "echoes" is a discussion list, based essentially upon the
   exchange of text.

you will find very little here in the way of actual graphics, sound
   samples, etc. -- though you will find people here who know of such

you will not find a repository of lyrics here, except again in the resources
   of the people who subscribe to echoes.

"why?" i hear you asking (again.)

please be reminded that there are legal issues involved in the sharing of
   some kinds of information.
foremost among these (as concerns us) is copyright -- the right of the
   author or agents of the author to control the reproduction of material.
it is not an absolute right: it is balanced by the concept of "fair use"
   which essentially allows free use of bits and pieces for the purposes
   of review, study, and discussion.


so, considering lyrics, we can (and sometimes do) quote bigger and smaller    chunks of the lyrics of some songs as part of a discussion of the meaning    of the work -- or even discussions about just what are the words of a    song -- there would be trouble if i put up a repository of lyrics without    going to the trouble of getting permission first.


for graphics the issue of copyright also applies. i can put up any picture that is mine or for which i have obtained    permission to use for this purpose. things are further complicated by the issue of size: pictures are big in    terms of data. you've probably noticed that these pages pop up rather quickly compared to    some other pages you have visited -- they do that because they are just    text. now consider the issue of courtesy.... many subscribers to "echoes" pay hard cash on a metered basis for their    access to the net and the web (no, virginia, they are not the same.) such folk pay by the byte or by the minute -- hence they have no desire    to pay for any unwanted graphics. some subscribers to "echoes" do not have the capability to easily view    images -- such folk have no desire to pay (even if just in the coin    of "time") for _any_ images. and even among folks who can easily view images and for whom there is    but small cost to connect up there is still the issue of time. so for these (and other) reasons, you will not find a lot of graphics    here. fair warning in fact: if you absolutely must share a graphic with    folks on the list you should only post a link (i.e. an address)    for the graphic rather than the graphic itself.

sound clips

_all_ of the above discussions apply. plus, sounds are even more limiting in that even fewer people have the    needed hardware or software needed. (can you do mp3 .au pcm .wav and heaven-only-knows-what right now?)

live recordings, unauthorised

"echoes" has a text format database about live recordings (we call    them "roio" -- recordings of indeterminate origin) on cd and on    lp. a derivative of our database which is more oriented to the    "browser crowd" is the "roio web pages" site. this information is simply a compilation, in a style which is uniform,    of information provided by folks from around the world apropos to    these recordings.

repeat: compilation only, no sale or distribution is involved.

ttfn, bear. (since we're on the pseudo-legal page, i should point out the fact that "ttfn, bear" is my trademark on this rock.)

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