how to unsubscribe from the echoes list

all subscription matters are handled by an automated subscription server,
   "echoserv", which has a mailing address of its own,
   separate from the list.

to unsubscribe, you must send an unsubscribe command in the body of a mail
   message to "echoserv" and not to the list -- all the latter approach
   really does is anger folks.

the proper syntax is:  
                unsubscribe echoes

echoserv will only look for commands inside the body of a message, the
   subject does not matter.

so you see, it is normally a simple task to unsubscribe from echoes.

once you done that and mailed it to the server, all you should need to do is
   wait for the confirmation by return mail.
should there be some difficulty getting unsubscribed, please drop a
   polite note to -- the list manager.
please note that while the server is a constantly running automaton which
   will speedily attempt to process your commands, the list manager is not
   so prompt due to other mundane distractions such as food, sleep, and
   [gasp] work.
your patience is appreciated.



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